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Latest Focus
Using dissolvable films to deliver new and existing APIs
Tablets and capsules remain the most popular and accepted dosage forms, but orally dissolving films also offer advantages, including patient convenience and lifecycle extension. This article outlines the dosage form’s advantages and discusses the basics of formulation and manufacture.
Jet Pulverizer adds ISO 8 suite
A controlled-environment suite reassures pharmaceutical customers that their material will be handled safely and at the appropriate hygiene level.
General Features
When to use dimensional tablet sorters
Dimensional sorters are useful for removing off-weight tablets, but they should only be used as defined by an SOP, not as a means of quality assurance.
Increasing tablet production and efficiency using multi-tip tooling
Interest in multi-tip tablet tooling has grown in tandem with the drive to increase tablet productivity and efficiency. This article outlines the factors that influence the success of multi-tip conversions, including press compatibility, formulation characteristics, and tablet properties.