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Tablets & Capsules is the only technical publication devoted to readers who formulate, manufacture, or package solid dosage forms.

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Latest Focus
Understanding maximum compression force (Free)
Manufacturing a high-quality tablet punch starts with high-quality tool steel, and the tabletting industry uses many different types. This article discusses how computer modeling helps determine the maximum compression force tablet tooling can withstand.
The advantages of alternative solid dosage forms
While tablets and capsules have long been the go-to option, a poll conducted last year shows many people have difficulty swallowing them. That can lead to poor compliance. This article describes how alternatives to traditional solid dosage forms can improve compliance and provide companies with a competitive advantage.
General Features
Eye on Excipients: Functionalized calcium carbonate
Functionalized calcium carbonate is a structured mineral that serves as a multifunctional excipient. This edition of the column summarizes three studies of the substance that demonstrate applications in formulating tablets, orally disintegrating tablets, and orally disintegrating granules.
Back Page: Excipient variability: Mostly a fuss (Free)
Excipients do cause batch failures. But we need to ask: How often are they the culprit and can we elucidate what role excipient variability plays in this manufacturing fact of life?