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Tablets & Capsules is the only technical publication devoted exclusively to readers involved in the tablet and capsule processing industries.

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Making better tablets: A QbD approach (Free)
In this article, the authors describe how a benchtop tablet press and material tester characterizes both tablets and materials to help you develop a robust formulation. It also touches on the shortcomings of the FDA’s SUPAC guidances in improving existing tablet formulations.
Continuous tablet manufacturing: Faster development and greater efficiency
Commercial pressure to shorten development times, improve the efficiency of drug development, and reduce the amount of API required is driving a trend toward continuous processing. At the same time, regulators are encouraging manufacturers to establish processes that incorporate the FDA’s Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiatives. This article describes the benefits of continuous tablet manufacturing.
General Features
Eye on Excipients: On-site audits of suppliers
Develop an annotated checklist before you conduct on-site audits of excipient suppliers. That upfront work will help you better assess the quality and safety of the supplier’s products. It may even eliminate the need for a site visit.
Back Page: How’s your deduster? (Free)
If dust is accumulating or reaching downstream areas, it’s time for a checkup.