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Automated ink-removal system for blinding clinical trial materials (Free)
Among the methods used to blind clinical trial materials, removal of identifying ink from the surface of dosage forms is not commonly employed because it is very laborious. Recently, however, an automated system for de-inking was developed. This article describes the results of a study that evaluated how this automated system compares to a manual process in terms of the extent of ink removal and the effects on the drug product surface.
General Features
Meeting the challenges of producing ultra-potent, high-count probiotics
One way to capture consumer interest in a probiotic health supplement is to offer a product loaded with multiple microbial strains in large concentrations per dose. In this article, the authors discuss the special challenges of formulating, manufacturing, and handling these ultra-potent probiotics and offer advice on overcoming them.
Eye on Excipients: Low-viscosity HPCs
Guest columnist Ryan Cheng describes the application and benefits of using special low-viscosity hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) to formulate immediate-release (IR) tablets and films and improve the solubility of actives.