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Latest Focus
Avoiding defects in film-coated tablets (Free)
This article outlines how the tablet core, coating solution, and equipment should interact to produce uniformly coated tablets. It also discusses the importance of selecting a plasticizer and summarizes how process settings affect the quality of the film coat.
General Features
The advantages of fully automated dissolution testing
While auto-samplers eliminate some manual steps from dissolution testing, there is still a good deal of hands-on intervention. This article discusses and illustrates the operation of a fully automated dissolution testing system, which frees lab staff to pursue more valuable activities.
Maintain tablet quality by inspecting these critical points
Inspecting tooling and tablet press components for wear and defects can help you understand and resolve problems with tablet quality. This article focuses on inspection points that are easy to overlook but can cause significant tablet quality issues and limit tooling service life.
Eye on Excipients: Facts about phthalates
Members of IPEC-Americas' Working Group on Phthalate Excipients dispel some of the misunderstandings about excipients that contain the word "phthalate" in their name.