• To Facilitate API Quality Agreement Discussions, Let’s Try APIC’s Template

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing, complex and regulated, operates under stringent requirements, imposing strict standards at every stage of the process from raw materials for the drug substance manufacturing to the drug product distribution. These standards are legislatively dictated to meet public health imperatives. GMP is a must for drug manufacturers, imposing high standards in production, quality control, documentation, and supply chain. Health agencies conduct regular inspections to ensure... read more
  • Q&A: Formulating Softgels

    Can you discuss the key manufacturing technologies utilized in the production of plant-based/vegan-friendly softgel formulations, and how do they differ from traditional gelatin-based processes? For plant-based softgels, it can be a challenge to find the right shell former, or combination of them, to ensure optimal performance and production efficiency. Commonly used shell-forming technologies are a mix of carrageenan and modified starch, but choosing the right carrageenan is crucial. For ... read more
  • Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: The Role of Fixed-Dose Combinations in Shaping the Future of Healthcare

    As the growth trajectory of pharmaceutical dosage forms continues to evolve, the sector is driven by advances in science, technology, increased patient needs, and changing market dynamics. This article explores the compelling marketing trends attributed to the shifts and innovations which are propelling the pharmaceutical industry towards a promising future – underpinned by the need to support healthcare needs. Additionally, it will highlight the advantages and significance of this era of ... read more
  • Upcycled Pharma Packaging: Coming Soon – Then Coming Fast

    In one form or another, this quote has been attributed to various people in differing contexts. Some used it to describe falling in love; others, falling asleep. In his masterpiece The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway employed it to describe going bankrupt. read more