• Nutra Mixing Needs: Picking the Best Blender

    When it comes to mixing nutraceutical ingredients, not all blenders are created equal. Because there’s a wide range of particles in each “mix”—of different sizes and bulk densities—getting the right result requires choosing the right blending action to achieve the desired outcome. Selecting the best equipment for the application is necessary to maintain rigid end-product quality standards and support nutritional claims on the label. Further, blends requiring trace amounts of critical ... read more
  • Hard to Handle: Switching from Manual to Automated Dispensing of Reactive Powders Improves Safety Efficiency

    Many chemical and pharmaceutical process engineers are challenged by metered dispensing of reactive powders into reactors and large tanks. But dispensing difficult to-handle ingredients in a contained and accurate method can be fulfilled and completely automated using specifically designed loss-in-weight (LIW) feeders. The combination of highly advanced weighing technology, and a contained and sanitary feeder design provides for an ideal automated method of powder delivery—without the dangers ... read more
  • Dust Management: Monitoring Dust Collection Digitally Can Help Make Your Job Easier

    Pharma manufacturing raises dust in many steps—in the handling of bulk materials, to milling, granulating, tableting, encapsulating, coating, and even packaging. And yet, if you work in maintenance, purchasing, or environmental health and safety, you probably don’t have a lot of extra time to think about your facility’s dust collection system. You just want to know that it is doing its job so you can focus on yours. That’s where remote or connected monitoring can make your job easier. read more
  • Handling and Micronizing HPAPIs

    There’s no universally agreed definition of what constitutes a highly potent API (HPAPI). But a health-based exposure limit (HBEL) can serve as a more reliable indicator of whether an API is potent or not. However, when evaluating a program, it is advisable to start with the mind-set of “how potent” the API is, then decide “how much” containment it will need. read more