• Gummy Manufacturing

    The gummy manufacturing industry is experiencing steady growth, driven by increasing consumer demand for convenient and enjoyable dietary supplements. Vitamin-fortified gummies dominated the market last year with nearly 24% share, and expect to experience north of 10% growth annually for the next five to seven years. We believe the main driver for this is the growing consumer preference for the enjoyable convenience that gummies offer over other delivery forms. Gummy demand continues to evolve ... read more
  • Quality Culture in Regulated Industries: A Critical Attribute for Success

    While it once seemed like an alternative, unmeasurable principle, the health of a company’s culture has now entered the mainstream. Phrases like “family feel” and “cut-throat” can be used to describe the atmosphere of a workplace, and a company’s culture is frequently at the top of the list for an interviewee’s questions when considering a new job. Especially for regulated industries where a product is delivered to a consumer, the Quality Culture can be the foundation of success and has been ... read more
  • The Crossover: The Technicalities of Softgel Production and How They Impact Patients

    Gel mass viscosity, crosslinking, shell integrity, ribbon formation, encapsulation, dissolution performance, and capsule stability – do these words mean anything to patients? While each is a vital consideration for manufacturers of softgel capsules, none of them tell us much about why this form of medication has become so popular over the last decade. With the global softgels market projected to post a CAGR of 4.3% from 2023 to 2033,1 drug producers must be doing something right in attracting ... read more
  • Cold Form Foil Packaging: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Cold-form foil packaging refers to a kind of pharmaceutical packaging where the aluminum foil is enclosed between layers of Nylon, PVC, or PVC/PVDC films. It is mainly used for products that require protection, from moisture, oxygen, and light. The process of creating cold-form foil packaging entails shaping the foil using a stamping press. Then laminating it with film layers. read more