• Q&A: Formulating Softgels

    Can you discuss the key manufacturing technologies utilized in the production of plant-based/vegan-friendly softgel formulations, and how do they differ from traditional gelatin-based processes? For plant-based softgels, it can be a challenge to find the right shell former, or combination of them, to ensure optimal performance and production efficiency. Commonly used shell-forming technologies are a mix of carrageenan and modified starch, but choosing the right carrageenan is crucial. For ... read more
  • Upcycled Pharma Packaging: Coming Soon – Then Coming Fast

    In one form or another, this quote has been attributed to various people in differing contexts. Some used it to describe falling in love; others, falling asleep. In his masterpiece The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway employed it to describe going bankrupt. read more
  • A QbD Guided Development of a Twin-Screw Granulation Process

    There are two common techniques for dry granulation used in the pharmaceutical industry: roller compaction and slugging. However, both these methods have some limitations. First, tablets with dry granules prepared via slugging or roller compaction method exhibit an inferior tensile strength and second, product yield can be reduced because of the high amount of fi ne particulates that the processes create. read more
  • Navigating the Future of Pharma Training: The Power of Competency-Based Learning

    The fast-paced, highly regulated pharmaceutical industry requires companies to have a well-trained and competent workforce. Traditional training methods with their “read and understood” and formal instruction, are no longer suffi cient in building capabilities and deepening knowledge within our employees. read more